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autobots by XRaiderV1 autobots by XRaiderV1
my present desktop, the base image is the autobot wallpaper released back in 2007 for the Micheal bay film transformers, the base image started as a 1280x1024 file, back then I was using a piece of crap pentium 3 computer with an even crappier monitor, and had to resize it to fit, as windows' ability to auto-resize and not have it look like total shit is well known for being less than stellar. it has since been resized to fit my current computer's screen at 1366x768.

I am rather fond of the crisp and clean lines of the symbol, so, rather than upsize to the next size, which was 1680x1050, and loose the crispness, I chose to resize it.

a year back, I added a single pixel thick medium grey border to it for effect, and as a means of spotting my mouse cursor when it's off screen when I'm at the desktop.

I saw a movie a few years ago that had a computer screen at one point, the computer screen had a fair bit of glare on the monitor molding that surrounded the screen, and I rather liked the effect, under the right background lighting conditions, I get the same effect with this border.

sadly, the original series of wallpapers appears to no longer be available on the website of origin.

I do happen to have the full set of autobot and decepticon wallpapers, from 1024x768, 1280x1024, and 1680x1050, if anyone wants a copy at any of the above named resolutions, please, leave me a request via pm specifying which resolution, and I'll be more than happy to link you to the requested pic.

on a related note, I have seen both the first and second transformers films, have both on dvd, and watch them regularly.

I saw the first one in a standard theatre, the second at Imax, and for the record, there are some movies that must never be seen in anything but an imax theatre, the 12 dollar ticket price was so worth every last cent.

this is only my second desktop screenshot, and I hope it is well received.
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June 13, 2010
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